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North Carolina Association of Local Health Directors

Full Association Meeting

September 16, 2014

North Carolina Association of Local Health Directors
Full Association Meeting Agenda
September 16, 2014
Date & Time Tuesday,September 16, 2014
2:00 pm
Place Hilton Riverside Wilmington Salon B
Call to Order Doug Urland
Approval of Previous Meeting Minutes Jim Bruckner
Treasurer’s/Financial Report Jim Bruckner
President’s Report Doug Urland
State Division Director’s Report Dr. Penny Slade-Sawyer
N.C. Division of Public Health Report Danny Staley/Phyllis Rocco
State Health Director’s Report Dr. Robin Cummings
State Environmental Health Director’s Report Larry Michael
Executive Director’s Report Lynette Tolson
Action Items
Committee Reports: Action Items Only  
  Nominations and Bylaws John Morrow
  Education and Awards Scott Harrelson
  Informatics Dennis Joyner
  Community Health Development Janet Clayton
  Partnership Development Buck Wilson
  Policy Analysis and Development Lisa Harrison
  Communications Colleen Bridger
  Best Practice Sue Lynn Ledford
  Core Public Health Denise Michaud
Action Items from the Regions
  Region I Janice Patterson
  Region II Jimmy Hines
  Region III Anne Absher
  Region IV Dorothea Wyant
  Region V Merle Green
  Region VI Tommy Jarrell
  Region VII Chris Szwagiel
  Region VIII Wanda Robinson
  Region IX Jerry Parks
  Region X Davin Madden
Information Items
Committee Reports
Regional Reports
Partner Reports
NCAPHA Jerry Parks
NCPHA Lisa Harrison
Liaison Reports
Next NCALHD Meeting 10:00 am, Thursday, October 16, 2014
Cardinal Room, 5605 Six Forks Road, Raleigh