North Carolina Association of Local Health Directors
Full Association Meeting Agenda
January 25, 2012

Date & Time

Wednesday, January 26, 2011
2:00 pm


Crabtree Marriott Hotel, Raleigh

Call to Order

Beth Lovette

Approval of December Meeting Minutes

Buck Wilson

Treasurer's Report

Buck Wilson

President's Report

Beth Lovette

State Health Director's Report Dr. Jeff Engel
Environmental Health Director's Report Terry Pierce
NC Division of Public Health Report Dennis Harrington/Joy Reed
Executive Director's Report Lynette Tolson
Action Items

Committee Reports: Action Items Only


Nominations and By Laws

Gibbie Harris


Education and Awards

Paula Carden



Doug Urland


Health Promotion/Oral Health

Phillip Tarte


Women and Children's Health

Bill Smith



Layton Long



Roxanne Holloman


Policy and Planning

John Morrow


Reimbursement and Finance

Scott Harrelson



Felix Meyer


Environmental Health

Mimi Cooper

Action Items from the Regions  

Region I

Jim Bruckner


Region II

Tom Bridges


Region III

Susanne Wright


Regin IV

Dennis Joyner


Region V

Janet Clayton


Region VI

Tommy Jarrell


Region VII

Chris Szwagiel


Region VIII

Wayne Stewart


Region IX

Jerry Parks


Region X

Roxanne Holloman

Information Items
Committee Reports  

Regional Reports


NCAPHA Anne Thomas


George O'Daniel/Gayle Harris

Liaison Reports



Next NCALHD Meeting

9:00 am, Thursday, Februray 16, 2012
Cardinal Room, 5605 Six Forks Road, Raleigh

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