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Position Statements

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Raw Milk• Opposes sale of raw, unpasteurized milk
• Supports legislation to require milk be pasteurized before sale
• Supports efforts to educate consumers on the dangers of raw milk
Complete Position (PDF)
Immunizations• Supports all routinely recommended immunizations for children and adults
• Endorses the concept of public-private partnerships as an effective strategy for increasing immunization rates
Complete Position (PDF)
Smoking in Worksites• Supports model statewide legislation to ban smoking in all North Carolina worksites and public placesComplete Position (PDF)
Public Health Organizations• Supports retention of the current organizational structure options for local public health agenciesComplete Position (PDF)
NCALHD Supports Efforts to Prevent Firearm Misuse, Injury, and DeathNCALHD Firearm Approved Statement
Position Statement on Opioid MisuseNCALHD Opioid Misuse Work Group Position Statement on Opioid MisuseNCALHD Opioid Abuse Work Group_Position Statement_FINAL.PDF
Position Statement on REHT ProposalNCALHD-Position-Statement-on-REHT-proposal