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NCALHD Work Groups

NCALHD Work Group Descriptions

DPH Updates:
• Keep LHD informed and connected to NCDHHS

Local Health Department Performance Measures & State Reporting Metrics:
• Develop a common set of LHD performance measures to tell the local public health story.  Explore the need for new data systems.

Workforce Recruitment and Retention:
• Evolve/Support current workforce.  Update OSHR job specifications.  Shape future workforce.  Conduct a workforce study.

Funding of Public Health:
• Support/inform the evolution and streamlining of AA programmatic support.

Emerging Issues:
• Relevant public health issues that require action and information from the NCALHD.

Communication – Role & Values of Public Health:
• Define public health for students, community groups, local elected officials.  Future vision/direction.

Education and Awards:
• Health Director Orientation
• Ham Stevens Award
• Health Director of the Year Award
• Legislator of the Year Award
• Public Health Partners Award

Nominations and Bylaws:
• Election of Officers
• Bylaws